Treatment of back pain

More than 80% of people experience back and/or neck pain sooner or later. Often, these complaints are only treated symptomatically with drugs and anti-inflammatories. However, the underlying cause remains. When other treatments do not provide lasting results, a massage chair can be the solution. Treat yourself to a personal masseur and have a massage when it suits you.

Recommended by doctors

Thanks to a MyFitSit massage chair, pain caused by various conditions such as back problems, fibromyalgia and arthritis can be relieved. Especially complaints resulting from chronic diseases can be the cause of a long suffering with loss of quality of life. Through regular use of the massage chair, the body's own endorphin production provides the necessary pain relief and relaxes the muscles. It becomes possible again to lead a normal daily life, restoring the quality of life.

Reduction of muscle tension and treatment of related pain

Neck, back and shoulder complaints are one of the most common physical complaints. Back pain is a common problem, not only for people with a sedentary job, but also in the care, transport and many other professions.

In addition to incorrect working posture, the complaints are also reinforced by a stressful life. The complaints are often the result of increased muscle tension. The solution is to massage the muscles in order to reduce muscle tension, stimulate the removal of waste products and improve blood circulation.

Revitalised after a massage in the massage chair

Just 15 minutes sitting in the MyFitSit massage chair is not only effective against back and neck pains, but also helps to relax mentally. Just leave the hustle and bustle behind and enjoy the massage. You will immediately feel much fitter and more vital.

Positive effects

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Positive effect on shoulder and back pain
  • Reduces pressure on vertebrae and intervertebral discs
  • Improves & stimulates blood circulation
  • Promotes the removal of waste products
  • Activates metabolism
  • Positive effect on psyche
  • Reduces stress
massagezetel rugklachten
massagezetel rugklachten